All our products are hand poured, hand dipped, hand mixed and handcrafted in small batches

The Story Collection

When designing this collection, a tale of love was at the forefront of our minds. The HerStory Candle exquisitely captures the essence of love in her. The HisStory Candle eloquently embodies the love within him. And finally, OurStory beautifully unites their individual stories into one.

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The Fall Collection

Discover the captivating fragrance selection of the season with our expertly curated candle collection. Each scent represents the essence of fall on every sensory level, ensuring a truly delightful experience. From fresh and earthy to smoky and minty, our wide range of scents is sure to satisfy even the most discerning scent connoisseur.

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The Royal Tree Collection

Discover the Royal Tree Collection, a thoughtfully curated selection of pieces that celebrates the distinct personalities of our children. From Kash to Kairo, Tiarra to Jaleel Candle, each scent captures their individuality in a truly exceptional way.

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  • Light up your space with our Complexity Candle, and make a positive impact on families affected by autism with every purchase.

    Complexity Candle 
  • Join us in supporting breast cancer education and research. Purchase our Survivor Candle and help make a difference for those affected by this disease.

    Survivor Candle 
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Create a Calming Oasis with DIY Lavender Room Spray

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