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Essence by Ellie

Moringa, Turmeric, and Aloe Vera Soap Bar

Moringa, Turmeric, and Aloe Vera Soap Bar

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Our moringa and aloe Vera soap is hand-crafted using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each bar is a premium product that your customer will love.  Each of our loaves are precut to 1" bars.  

Description: Basil, Sage and Mint fragrance mixed with moringa, turmeric, and aloe gives a natural earthy green fragrance. 


  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
  • 100% Natural Aloe Vera Gel
  • Basil, Sage, and Mint Fragrance Oil
  • No color natural colorant from the moringa powder 

Disclaimer:  This is based upon research we make no claims that this soap is your cure all however it works for some people.  We suggest doing a skin patch test before using on your entire body.  

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of this soap, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each loaf and bar is unique!

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